Laura and I met 6 years ago, and since then we’ve developed a passion for rock-climbing and re-ignited our shared passions for scuba-diving and travelling. Taking frequent trips to the bouldering mecca of Fontainebleau, this quickly became one of our favourite places and so, I could think of no better place to ask Laura to be my wife.



Mini Stag-Do in Albarracin



In February 2017, we tied the knot and me being a Mr Letts and Laura being a Miss Bowle, we had the perfect opportunity to double barrel to become the Letts-Bowles! Pressure from friends to “make this happen” failed and I quickly realised the first lesson of Marriage….1. The Wife is always Right.
Plain old Mr and Mrs Letts it is from now on then.

Matt & Laura-223

We set this blog up so that friends and family could share our travels, the first trip being our Honeymoon. Off to Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji and L.A.

A 9 week whirlwind circumnavigation of the globe.