Day Forty-One – Black Water Rafting in Waitomo, and fluorescent poo…

Waitomo is not a big place, and I think it’s probably only the cave systems and the “glow-worms” found within, that really enable it to survive. There seems to be only tourists here and some services like camp sites, restaurants and a couple of cafe’s.
Yesterday we had checked in with the ‘Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.” and booked ourselves on the ‘Black Abyss’ tour. This involved abseiling into the caves, a little bit of black water rafting and climbing waterfalls, with a zip line thrown in for good measure.
It was great fun and despite the cold water, we saw plenty of the “glow-worms”, which we now know are actually the larva of a gnat which is cannibalistic and effectively the ‘glow’ is simply its faeces….mmmm, nice.
Despite the fact you’re marveling at fluorescent shit, it does still make for an amazing sight and we both have a brilliant time. At a little under 5 hours long, it’s no wonder that Laura is shivering by the end and as we tuck into soup and bagels that come as part of the tour, our thoughts naturally turn to food.
We had already booked a table in ‘HuHu’ restaurant but we needn’t have worried. We are now well out of the normal tourist season and we are one of only three couples in the place. The food however is amazing and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.


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