Day Thirty-Seven – The Surf Highway

Laura take-over day on the blog.
Taranaki is the home of Kiwi Surf and almost every road off of Highway 45 leads towards a surf beach, and hence this road from Hawera to New Plymouth has been named the ‘Surf Highway’.


Today was spent driving the surf highway, stopping along the way in Opinaka, where we found a quirky cafe. The cafe was an eclectic mix of furniture and a random collection of junk. It also had a rock band in rehearsing – it was only about 11am! Great coffee though.

We then continued our journey North, stopping at several beaches along the way.
Not far from Okata we stopped at the end of Cape Road for a view of Mount Egmont or ‘Taranaki’ with the Cape Egmont Lighthouse also in frame. It was a stunning view and one we have about 100+ photos of as Matt got a bit carried away!

Moving North again, we arrived in Oakura which is a tiny town with a campsite literally on the beach. A perfect place to rest.
By the time we parked up it was just after 5pm so we strolled the kilometre to the only open pub – the Butlers Bar & Cafe and had a couple of beers. On leaving the pub we were hit with the strong smell of fish and chips. A quick search and we found the source, a little fish and chip shop just down the road. We couldn’t resist. We sat outside in the dark and demolished the freshly cooked fish and chips with our hands – it tasted amazing!



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