Day Thirty-Five & Thirty-Six – Farewell to the South Island

Our time in the South Island has come to an end and today we had a drive from Motueka to Picton in order to catch our ferry across to the North Island. We’d pre-booked so had a deadline which we hadn’t considered to be an issue, but due to a lot of road works that appeared to be in place to fix many rock-falls/land-slides meant that the traffic was heavy (not UK heavy, but heavy for New Zealand – I’m talking like 10-15 vehicle queues!).
We made it to the ferry terminal with plenty of time as it turned out and grabbed some food, which we ate in the van in the queue for the ferry. I’m personally feeling sad to leave the South Island – I really have fallen in love with this beautiful and relaxed place, full of so many amazing places.

The crossing took 3hr45mins so by the time we arrived in Wellington and parked up, all that remained was to cook dinner in the van and get an early night.
The following morning we had another travel day to look forward to. In fairness, driving in New Zealand is a pleasure and without anything to rush for, we’ve been able to take our time and really admire the stunning scenery.
Our destination for today was Wanganui for no other reason than it’s close to the start of the ‘Surf Highway’ and is big enough to have a decent campsite and supermarket! It also had a gym which kept Laura happy. After two travel days in the van, we both felt like we could burn some energy off so we had a couple of hours in the gym.
Again we had an evening in, with dinner and some wine, so that we could get an early start the next day. What we’ve realised is, that when you’re away for so long, it’s not possible or preferable to eat out every night and having a night in is no different from being at home – our little van has become just that…our home away from home.


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