Day Thirty-Two & Thirty-Three – Workouts, Walks and Chinese Food

The storm has passed Greymouth when we wake but it was still overcast.
We hit the road bound for Nelson, which is the gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park, but also quite a big city. After a couple of days travelling Laura is keen to do a workout so we find a gym in Nelson and hit it hard. Two hours later we are both exhausted but feeling a lot better.
Due to the campsite being outside of the centre and also the fact the gym doesn’t have showers, we end up doing the 2km back to the van a total of 4 times as we need to freshen up before dinner – which is back in the town centre. Still at least we get our ‘steps’ in for the day. We’ve been averaging over 10,000 per day since we got here.
We had found an excellent Chinese restaurant earlier in the day and had booked a table and since we’d done an epic workout we felt justified in ordering a significant amount of food! We polished it off entirely. A great day!

The following day, after a short, 50min drive we reached Motueka, our next stop. After checking the van in, we set off on our usual orientation/exploration walk that we’ve tended to do whenever we stay somewhere new. One of the things I’ve admired about New Zealand is their support for tourism. Every town/city, no matter how big or small, has an i-site building, which is staffed and contains all the information on the local areas including walks, activities and must-see attractions and the staff are always friendly and informative. We are shown a walk that takes a long route around the estuary and find a lovely cafe at the half way point called Toad Hall. The weather is warm and the sun is out so we order some cold drinks and ice-cream. It doesn’t feel like winter today!
Continuing our walk along the beach, passed the wreck of the ‘Janie Seddon’, a ship that was named after the daughter of the NZ Prime Minister who governed from 1893-1906. By this point the sun had started to get low in the sky and as we’ve previously experienced, the temperature starts to drop quickly and by the time we return to the campsite, it’s cold and dark, but fortunately we had booked some time in the on-site hot pool. Nice and soothing.
We spent the evening in the van having dinner and a bottle of wine, which was very relaxing. It’s an early start tomorrow as we’ve booked on a excursion to the Abel Tasman National Park.


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