Day Twenty-Six & Twenty-Seven – Christchurch

It had been a cold night and waking up on the shores of Lake MacGregor, we needed more than it’s beauty to warm us up (although it was very pretty), so we headed into Tekapo to find a cafe, breakfast and a hot drink!

Reflections cafe was perfect and it had free wifi, something that is quite hard to come by unless you want to sit in a McDonalds car park.
We were both feeling tired, so we stayed in the cafe for a while uploading photos and updating the blog, making the most of the warmth and the amazing coffee/hot chocolate.
Christchurch was our next destination and we took a leisurely drive there and found that the campsite was out of town, so after parking up we took the decision to have a quiet one tonight, I think we were both still feeling a bit wiped out after the previous day.
The next morning we headed into Christchurch to explore the city and by lunch-time we were done! The earthquake that hit in 2011 (a 6.3 on the Richter scale) was devastating to the city killing 185 people and destroying roads and buildings. It is recovering, but it’s a slow process and as such there isn’t much to see, but the resilience of the people is evident on some of the buildings, such as on the art gallery the words “Everything is going to be alright” in neon lights and also in the Re-Start Mall, where shipping containers were brought in and converted into shops.
We saw some of the plans in various pop-up notice boards around the city and I’m sure it will be amazing once finished.
After a chilled out afternoon, we headed to a ‘Lone Star’ restaurant. Ribs galore makes me a very happy man!


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