Day Twenty-Four – Moeraki Boulders and Poppies

Morning has broken and so it’s time for us to leave Dunedin, but we’ve got time for a sneaky workout at another Snap Fitness and their superb facilities, which turns into a bit of an epic session and so by the time we’re done, we are both starving.

Shameless Gym Pic

The plan was to head to Moeraki as we’d heard of an amazing seafood restaurant called Fleurs Place and with rave reviews from Rick Stein and Gwyneth Paltrow, we just had to get some of that, so with growling bellies we headed off.
It seems to take ages but in reality this was one of the shortest driving distance days, but we were really hungry, and as we rounded the twisty-turny road through Moeraki, the car park was empty – good news, we wouldn’t have to wait for a table, and then we saw the message on the blackboard outside the main entrance – ‘Closed for four days’.
I was hungry and angry – Hangry! And that’s not good for anyone. In fairness, Laura was also pissed off, she had really been looking forward to this place for so long.
Dejectedly, we went to the only other place in town, the Moeraki Tavern and hopefully ordered the Seafood Platter, which was sadly disappointing and mainly deep-friend stuff in breadcrumbs or batter. It was nice enough I guess, but not the fresh seafood we’d built ourselves up for.
We headed further up the road to the Moeraki Boulders which are on the beach and lay partially submerged on the sand, depending on the tide.
The boulders were originally formed around a central core of carbonate of lime crystals that attracted other minerals, to form this spherical boulders, a process that started 60million years ago.
Laura thought they looked like something out of Cocoon.
With me taking rather a lot of photos and also messing about getting on top of them for photo opportunities with the waves lapping around the bottom, time was flying by and the sun began to set.

Our stop-over point was still a while away, so we set off for Twizel, which is the gateway to Aoraki/Mt. Cook and a dinner date at a restaurant called Poppies, that had been recommended to us by Jan, a good friend of Laura’s. What a recommendation! This place was amazing, the food and wine was incredible and the waitress was from a town about 20minutes from our home in the UK! It’s a small world really.
Feeling stuffed, we wandered back to the van, and I was excited about seeing Aoraki the next day – I do love the mountains.


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