Day Sixteen & Seventeen – Queenstown and….the Gym again!

Rachel arrived in Queenstown today having been in Japan, and is staying with Becca, so the plan was to head to Becca’s for a roast in the evening but it meant Laura and I needed to find something to do in Queenstown. Luckily this place is the adrenaline capital of New Zealand and we booked ourselves onto the Canyon Swing which is 109m high, with a 60m free fall and then a 200m swing out over the canyon rapids.
It was amazing and we did it joined together at the hip – how apt for a married couple!



Back to the van and it’s time to drive out to Becca and Russell’s for a roast and the evening flies by as we chat and drink into the early hours, catching up on Rach’s trip to Japan amongst other things. It’s a lovely evening.
We had parked 200m down the road from Becca’s on a flat bit of the road, and we climb into the van and sleep right there. Another benefit of having your house with you wherever you go! Waking up, I’m immediately jealous of the view that Becca has from her house as we open our curtains to the most stunning vista.

Morning view…..

As we’ve woken surprisingly early “we” (Laura) decide that we might as well use the gym again, so head there but manage to find a cafe to have breakfast beforehand (I couldn’t workout on an empty stomach!).
Another reason we went, is because at only $10 to use the gym, we could also then use their showers so works out much cheaper than a campsite.
After trying out Tammy’s new full body workout – we were both pretty exhausted and ready for more food, which was lucky as Becca and Rachel had messaged us to say they were in Queenstown ready for lunch, so we met them in a lovely place called ‘Halo’.

Another post-gym selfie….

Following lunch the four of us head up the gondola and get on the Luge. It was amazing fun, and fortunately for me, gravity and weight only mean you go faster! Laura decided the only way to beat me (I’d won the first 3 regardless of where I started) was to get into a luge before me and get away first – on the final run it paid off and she came 1st with me extremely close behind! Rachel on the other hand came last every time – she was a bit cautious on the turns!

Luge fun….

The sun had started to go down and so the temperature was dropping rapidly so it was time to get off the mountain. Back down the gondola and we jumped in the van to head to Bluff on the south coast – the furthest south we’d go during our journey and also the chance to dive with Great White Sharks! We arrived late, in the dark and pulled into a car park opposite the meeting point for the morning. The wind was howling and I was more nervous about the boat ride than the diving – I can sometimes get a bit seasick and this bit of the coast is notoriously rough, but nevertheless I fall sound asleep in no time.

Laura continues to amaze with the van cuisine! Wine’s pretty good too 🙂

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