Day Nineteen – Te Anau

After the excitement of seeing Great White Sharks, I woke up pretty late and felt exhausted, and when we had arrived the previous night, it was getting dark so we hadn’t appreciated quite how stunning Te Anau was. Our campsite was literally 50 meters from the Lake and it looked incredible.

50 meters from the campsite!

Yet again, the sun was shining and it looked like it was going to be a perfect day so we planned to do a little hike around the lake to the Control Gates (a man-made series of gates to control the flow of the river and lake) and the start of the Kepler Track (a 70km track with a few mountain huts along the way – we weren’t walking that though!). First stop as usual was breakfast and we headed to a lovely little cafe called ‘Sandfly’ – not the best name in my opinion as these little buggers had been chewing me at any available opportunity since arriving in NZ, probably my fault for wearing shorts a lot, but luckily the food was immeasurably better than the name.

Coffee Lovers Rejoice – NZ has some incredible coffee houses

Properly fuelled, off we went enjoying the sights and sounds of the local wildlife and climbing the odd tree until we reached the Gates. I spotted some ladies on mountain bikes, flying along the tracks and figured that living over here must keep you young! They were not hanging around and must all have been in their 60s and I genuinely don’t think I’d have kept up with them. Good on ’em.

That evening we went to the Kepler Restaurant and the food was stunning. A seafood platter to share for starters was followed by Steak and King Prawns for me, and Laura went for a bizarre combo of Ribs and a Seafood stew – it looked bizarre but tasted amazing. Coupled with a nice red, this was perhaps the best food we’ve had on this trip so far.

Although today was a bit more of a chilled-day, we are still averaging over 10,000 steps a day according to Laura’s Garmin Vivosmart and walking at least 8-10km per day so clearly I’m attempting to justify the food and drink we’re having! 🙂


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