Day Fifteen – Wanaka and….the Gym?

The storm arrived and our plan had been to head to Queenstown anyway so we hadn’t lost anything. Laura was feeling the need for a bit of exercise so had found a gym in Frankton (just outside Queenstown) that we could go to but first I needed fuelling up. So we parked up by Wanaka lake and sprinted through the rain to the first open restaurant we could find called ‘Alchemy’ and had a beautiful breakfast.

Just a small breakfast…

As we left Wanaka, all i could think was that “I could live here”, something I’ve thought about a few places we’ve been so far, but Wanaka is up there near the top of the list.

We got to Snapfitness and did a 2 hour workout – it’s a brilliantly equipped gym and we learn that this is a chain all across New Zealand – Laura looks happy and as we head to the campsite in central Queenstown, I can see Laura checking out the locations of the gyms against our travel plans!

Post-workout gym selfie……Sorry!

By this time the rain had intensified and as I was about to head back from the shower block, the heavens decided to unleash hail upon me. I retreated under cover and decided to wait it out – I’ve never seen hail like it!

One of Laura’s school friends lives in Queenstown and the plan had initially been to meet her and her partner (Becca & Russell) for dinner, but with the weather getting worse, Becca called to literally ‘rain check’ and we agreed to meet them for dinner at theirs the next night.

Laura and I ventured out and found a lovely fish restaurant called ‘Finz’ and then went for a nightcap in a pub called ‘Brazz’ – where I discovered they had dark ‘n stormy cocktails on special. Needless to say, after a bottle of wine, some beer and cocktails, I was a little bit ‘merry’ and Laura steered me back to the van!

Sleep time!


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