Day Six – Crossing to the South Island

Having stayed in Lower Hutt overnight, we were up early and parked the van next to the museum in Wellington. Bearing in mind it was a Monday morning, in the Capital, we drove in from the outskirts with no delay, queueing traffic etc. Where is everyone?

Cuba Street is apparently where all the best bars and cafes are, so we headed straight there for some much needed breakfast and it was worth the wait! Beautiful coffee and hot chocolate and homemade hash browns with the ‘Full English’ breakfast.

Heading up to Mt. Victoria lookout, as we walked through the city and it was so quiet, hard to believe that this was a work day in a capital city. The views from the lookout were stunning, giving us a 360 degree panorama, but all to soon it was time to head back down as our ferry to the South Island was leaving at 1.45pm.

Passing through the town, we stumbled on a fitness shop, where Laura proceeded to buy a ton of supplements, BCAA and whey protein powder – she’s definitely planning on some workouts over the coming days, which scares me! To be fair, I’ll use them too.

There was just time for a quick doughnut and drink stop, where we bumped into a lovely Alaskan Malamute (dog) – sadly I couldn’t convince the owner to let me take him so we departed to the ferry terminal and the 4 hour crossing.

We met two friendly American girls on the ferry who just happened to be from Pasadena (where we are staying in LA), so she messaged some of her friends who work in our hotel and let us know some good bars to head to. A reminder that this really is quite a small world after all.

Arriving in Picton, South Island, I immediately took a liking to this small and vibrant town. We parked the van up in a campsite a short walk outside the town and headed back in to try the local bars out. Laura thought the Thirsty Pig accurately portrayed me, so we headed in. One beer, turned into a few and then we stumbled to the end of town (not very far) and went into Cafe Cortado and one for the road (it turned out to be a big one) Oooops.

Back at the van, Laura somehow managed to put dinner on the table whilst I sat looking a bit dazed and confused – I’m definitely a light-weight!

Just time for one more insight into:

Van Life No.2 – Showers, how is it that every campsite in New Zealand has cleaner, more powerful and hotter showers than a 4 or 5 star hotel in the UK or Europe? I’ve stayed in some allegedly nice hotels around the world and yet am constantly let down by a shower that feels like a cat sneezing on you, whereas here, the showers are powerful enough to knock down the strongest of prop forwards with heat levels bordering on Volcanic. Seriously Impressive.


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