Day Five – South to Wellington

After the exertions of the day before, we started slowly and hit the road about 11am (after over-staying our check out time by an hour – the site weren’t bothered though). Now the Easter holidays are over and it’s well into Autumn here, you get the sense of things quieting down and pre-booking campsites is not required (not that it seemed to be before but we were advised to initially).

The aim today was to get to Wellington, we wanted to spend 5 of the 7 weeks in NZ on the South Island, so we were on track to stick to the original plan. At a distance of nearly 300km and an estimated 4 hour drive, it gave us plenty of time to relax and reflect on the first experiences of New Zealand and Van Life, some of which I’ll share over the coming days, but the first one is this:

Van Life No.1 – A dry towel quickly becomes the most prized possession. With no means to dry anything, but mostly notably your towel, you quickly realise how much this is taken for granted at home. A lovely, hot morning shower is ended with a cold, clammy – slightly dank-smelling towel. We will overcome this I’m sure!

Once we reached our campsite in Lower Hutt towards the end of the day, we had time for a quick shopping trip to get some bits and pieces that I’d forgotten to bring and some things that Laura and I both found (and finding a Starbucks) before heading back to the van for dinner.

A quiet day, but much needed and we’re ready to cross to the South Island tomorrow – the excitement is mounting 🙂


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