Day Two: Tairua, Coromandel & Hot Water Beach

First day for the Laura Letts Blog Take Over!

Waking refreshed after 11-12 hours sleep, we got up and walked the short distance to Tairua beach, and got our first sight of the ocean from NZ – Amazing

Having over-stayed our 1 night in the campsite, we made our way north to Coromandel to see what the town had to offer. The drive was scenic and the roads winding to say the least and after an hour and a half, we arrived in town.

Turns out that there isn’t much to see in Coromandel, however there is a good smoke house and a cafe called Wharf Rd where we stopped for lunch. A grilled cheese sandwich and a hot chocolate for Matt and an avocado bagel with feta cheese, a poached egg and rocket salad for me, with a cappacino. Perfect.

Following lunch we headed back the way we came, but this time to Cathedral Cove. Having had to park in town, we hiked 1km up the hill to join the 2.5km downhill path to the cove. This place is stunning and well worth the walk. The path descends to the beach which is secluded. To the left, the beach runs into an arch shaped like the vault of a cathedral.

We spent a good hour on the beach and as the light faded, we commenced our uphill trek back to the motorhome.

The final stop for the day was to get to the campsite located at Hot Water Beach before the next days adventures.


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