Day One – New Zealand

We left Singapore on a night flight bound for New Zealand, and I was hoping to get a good sleep but alas, that wasn’t to be. Maybe it was the excitement, or maybe just the fact that I was crammed into a tiny space but either way I managed maybe two hours sleep.

Despite this, as we began to descend into Auckland and the land came into sight I could only stare in awe at the beauty of this place. New Zealand has always been the place I’ve most wanted to visit and now my dream was becoming a reality and I turned to share this magic moment with my Wife to find her asleep…..

Sunrise at 25,000 feet
First looks at New Zealand

The dream was becoming a reality, now all that was left was to negotiate Bio-Security and get a bus to pick up our Maui motorhome and find a place to sleep for the night.

As we headed north of Auckland towards Coromandel the lack of sleep was beginning to take it’s toll on us both and after a short stop to try and wake up it was clear that we weren’t going to make it there that night. We took the sensible decision of finding a location about 30 minutes drive away that had a small camping park so we could park up, have dinner and get some much needed rest. Thankfully, we’d already stopped at a supermarket and stocked up on the essentials so we headed into Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsula.

We slept for 12 hours straight!


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