Leaving Day…..

It’s Saturday 15th April, leaving day, but our flight isn’t until 20:50, which means I’m restless! After Jimbo volunteered to take us to Heathrow, I’ve now made the pick-up time steadily earlier – what if the M4 is busy/shut/normal, we might miss our flight so surely getting there 3 hours early is a good idea right? 

I get the feeling Laura is feeling the same, but we cope in very different ways. I booked in a last minute hair cut, that’ll take up time. Especially as I can start the day with a Cinnamon Swirl and a Starbucks Hot Chocolate, nothing like a bit of sugar to calm you down.

Laura on the other hand heads into the home gym, although I think it might have been a bit more tiring than anticipated! 

Despite the worrying, the M4 was quiet and we were dropped off at Terminal 2 with about 3 hours to spare, and the cases were both less than the weight limit of 23kg – and even though our hand luggage was a little on the heavy side we were checked in and could make our way through to some dinner and an uneventful flight. 

Laura managed to sleep for the majority of it, and after a couple of movies (Deep Water Horizon and Passengers for the film geeks), I also nodded off and got a decent amount of kip. 

Next stop, Singapore.

Dinner and drinks at Heathrow

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